Jury duty

Today I am doing my civic duty and serving jury duty. It is lunch time and I have not been chosen for anything. You basically sit all day and wait. Last time I had to wait till 4 and was picked on a trial that went until 7 that evening. Wish me luck that I can go home soon.


Rest Day

I think its important to have a rest day. I started today by sleeping in. I thought I would try and do nothing all day except my yoga. However I ended up mowing the lawn. Not because I had to though it did need it, but because I wanted to. It is hard to do nothing. If you are watching tv your doing something, if you lay in bed reading your doing something. What do you do to do nothing? You ever come back home from a vacation exhausted? Writing this blog is doing something. I am going to try and do nothing for one hour, wish me luck.

Aging Gracefully

I just finished reading yesterdays article in the Miami Herald about the baby boomers who are growing grayer and in numbers. I have been doing some thinking about this of late. Being a baby boomer myself. ” We have more older people with less resources living longer” Max Rothman, president of the Alliance for Aging in Miami”
Last month at my 40th High School reunion I caught myself saying I want to live to be 95. Where did that come from? I do not know. So I figured I needed to do two things. The first is get healthy, no one wants to be a sick 95 year old and the other is find a way to supplement my retirement funds so I could afford to be 95.
It is beautiful how the univrese anwsers our inquiries. Most of the time we just have to look around and the anwsers appears.
Well I found a way to get healthier and supplement my retirement fund with residual income. Sounds to good to be true right? I would love to share it with you So email me if you are interested. To know how I plan to live a healthy and financially stress free 95 year old.

Continuing the Journey

Sorry it has been over a week since my last blog. Things have been moving right along.
I got into Isagenix for real. I started doing the shakes(one for breakfast) and the cleansing(2oz at night). What a differents in my outlook and energy. Also the fact that everyone notices the change in me. Bikram Yoga has helped as well.
First the Nutritional Cleansing, it appears that we store a lot of toxins in our bodies and when you remove them the pounds fall off. Second the shakes supply you with the nutrients that you are not getting from the foods we eat. These nutrients create healthy cells which in turn forms a healthy body. Made sense to me.

About the Bikram Yoga. It is difficult but getting easier. At first I could not even attempt all 26 poses, but now I can. However I can not do them well YET. I had trouble with the breathing but continue to work on it. It is a powerful form of moving meditation and I am enjoying its benefits.

I am not sure if I wrote about my reseach to find a home based business so I can earn money
from anywhere in the world, but I think i found one about that later. When I start making money. Quote for today.”Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness
has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.”
— Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Keep your Energy UP

“Pursue excellence, ignore success.” Deepak Chopra. Today we work on getting our energy level up. Since we are in control of our lives we have the ability to create our own feelings. Act our way into good feelings. Good actions create good feelings. Therefore do something that will make you feel good about yourself today. Throughout the day we will ask ourselves “What is my energy level right now?”, and if it is low pick it up.Clap your hands, jump up and down, tell yourselves your favorite joke,anything to get you to keep moving. “At the end of the day our life is in our hands. What will you do with yours?” Debbie Ford.


I started doing Bikram Yoga last night. What was I thinking. 90 minutes of, 100+ temperature doing yoga poses I have no way of doing. I have to admit it felt good to finish. I am going back tonight.
It reminds me of two a days in Puerto Rico during summer football practice. The heat and sweat was horrible plus wearing all that football gear made it impossible to move. I thing that just doing the best you can will somehow be enough. All day yesterday I felt fear because I assumed I would be feeling pain, however like everything else in life the pain was all in my mind. Yoga is suppose ti bring you mental and physical clarity, we will see. I have promised myself that I will give it a month. Plus the membership deal was $39 for the month so here i go trying something new again. It helps keep my mind of the economy. Also do not listen to talk radio or the news. They tell us the sky is falling.

Voice we hear.

“The loudest and most influential voice you hear is your own
inner voice, your self critic. It can work for you or against
you, depending on the messages you allow.”
— Keith Harrell: Was a motivational speaker, trainer, and coach