I started doing Bikram Yoga last night. What was I thinking. 90 minutes of, 100+ temperature doing yoga poses I have no way of doing. I have to admit it felt good to finish. I am going back tonight.
It reminds me of two a days in Puerto Rico during summer football practice. The heat and sweat was horrible plus wearing all that football gear made it impossible to move. I thing that just doing the best you can will somehow be enough. All day yesterday I felt fear because I assumed I would be feeling pain, however like everything else in life the pain was all in my mind. Yoga is suppose ti bring you mental and physical clarity, we will see. I have promised myself that I will give it a month. Plus the membership deal was $39 for the month so here i go trying something new again. It helps keep my mind of the economy. Also do not listen to talk radio or the news. They tell us the sky is falling.


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