Aging Gracefully

I just finished reading yesterdays article in the Miami Herald about the baby boomers who are growing grayer and in numbers. I have been doing some thinking about this of late. Being a baby boomer myself. ” We have more older people with less resources living longer” Max Rothman, president of the Alliance for Aging in Miami”
Last month at my 40th High School reunion I caught myself saying I want to live to be 95. Where did that come from? I do not know. So I figured I needed to do two things. The first is get healthy, no one wants to be a sick 95 year old and the other is find a way to supplement my retirement funds so I could afford to be 95.
It is beautiful how the univrese anwsers our inquiries. Most of the time we just have to look around and the anwsers appears.
Well I found a way to get healthier and supplement my retirement fund with residual income. Sounds to good to be true right? I would love to share it with you So email me if you are interested. To know how I plan to live a healthy and financially stress free 95 year old.


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