Back TO Work

I have neglected to write on this blog for sometime. To tell you the truth I have started back to work after having the summer off and it was tough. But I finally got my groove back. Things are going good and my classes are running smoothly. As a high schools teacher it can get pretty frustrating sometimes and that is part of the job.
I am concerned about how this nation is turning it’s back on education. I feel that our education system was what helped us be a great nation. We do not need to spend more money on education just use the money we have now more wisely. I know that in my classroom I am trying to teach my students to think more creatively and attack problems from a more positive perspective. “There are no problem just solutions.” , Is one of my favorite things to say. With that said it is up to us the teacher to turn this challenge around by teaching more creatively and finding ways to attract more students into our programs.
Teaching requires a passion that you cannot fake. The students can see right through anyone who pretends to love their work. No you have to really love the classroom or get out. Steve Jobs, who died two days ago, said you have to have a passion for what you do and nowhere is it more evident then in education. There are a lot of dedicated teachers do not throw them out with the bath water. If you can read this thank your teacher. Till next post PEACE.