Resistance tends to strengthen the energies it attempts to oppose by giving them power and energy to work against.
It is easy to witness this in my high school students. They are constantly in a state of drama. Especially the girls, and I am not being sexist. The kids energies and emotions are all over the place. The good thing is as quickly as something flares up it calms down again.
Two days ago a young lady approached me with a problem she was having with another student. I asked her why are you giving up your energy to this person. I think she understood that by talking and getting upset about something she could not do anything about, was a waste of her time. As long as she resisted what was, she was never going to get over it. One of my favorite saying is “Get off the cross, use the wood to build a bridge and get over it.”
I guess the opposite of resistance is acceptance. So there is the solution. By accepting what is we retain our energy and in most cases allow our energy to grow. Pretty cool right? The “tance” in both word mean the act of. So it really is another case of acting our way into good thinking, which gets us into good feeling.


Relationship with Self


“If you’re ever going to achieve your full and true potential…you MUST have an awesome relationship with yourself.” Richard A. Luck

But how do you cultivate an awesome relationship with your self? I guess you can start by feeding it healthy foods. Organizing your surrounding. Keeping a clean and hygienic body. Continuing to grow mentally. Trust your inner voice. Communicate with your higher power. Treat everyone with the respect and love you desire. Help when you can. Walk away when you should. Do not feed into bad things. Keep as much of your power as you can. Stay away from negative energy. Love yourself and others will love you. Be kind to yourself and treat yourself with the care you deserve.


Friend vs Family


For the last two days, every time I go to blog I get interrupted. Today was no exception. However I am determined to do this.

Today I would like to discuss choosing between being there for a friend or being there for a family member. I fine myself in this dilemma tonight. Go to a friends birthday dinner for a few close friend or to a sisters 50th birthday party with lots of friends.

When making a decision like this you need to ask yourself first “What do I want to do?” The answer is both. However they are going to be going on at the same time. So pick one.
Not so easy right. Well here is my solution that I hope will work.

First my options:
1. Go to one but not the other
2. Go to neither and stay home.
3. Go to both.

Well I have decided to try and make both.
Appetizers at the friend’s dinner then head down and celebrate with my sister.
I know this seems pretty petty, it did drive me crazy for a short while though.
Sometimes the simplest solution is really the best. And most of the time the biggest problems are one of perception.


Bruce & Renee


My high school friend Bruce and his wife Renee stopped by on the way to the Galapagos Islands. It was nice to sit and talk and get in touch with each other.
We had a great spanish meal(Paella) and plesant conversation. Plus they got to meet me lovely wife.
Good people always stay good people and you always know in your gut when a person is good. .
The other interesting thing is people hardly ever really change. I guess it is true that by the age of five your personality has been created.
It is late so not much tonight. Peace

Universal Banking 2


How to increase your universal net worth? AmAya goes on to say in his “The Universal Bank of Spirit Consciousness”, that in order to increase your vibrational energy is to master his five agreements. (Giving a shout out to Don Miguel Ruiz).
They are:
1. Be impeccable with your word- trust and honor is built on this.
2. Don’t take anything personally.
3. Don’t make assumptions.
4. Be skeptical but learn to listen.
5. Always do your best.

For your :
Body- eat a healthy diet, detox and exercise regularly.
Mind- meditate, constantly grow your knowledge and learn from wisdom.

This will result in a free, content and peaceful spirit.

Again check out for the complete e-book.

All good life lessons to follow.

Peace to you.

Universal Banking


I follow on the Internet amAYA Niraj Naik. His website is I first became aware of this fine person while searching for meditation music. Which by the way he has some great stuff. Check him out.

Today I downloaded his e-book about “The Universal Bank of Spirit Consciousness” . Very enlightening. Here are some outtakes I thought you might enjoy and if you do please go to his site. I am not affiliated in any way with him and do not receive compensation in any way. He writes:

“What you do with the energy you receive is very important.

If you use that energy you are rewarded with to further add more value to the universe, then your account balance will skyrocket.

There is a simple formula for adding value

Identify Problems + Find Solutions to Fix Them = Value.

Spiritually this can be identified by working on raising the vibrational energy of a person or system from low energy (emotions such as apathy, fear, anger) to higher energy (emotions such as courage, acceptance and peace.)

Here are a few way he suggest to increase energy and add more value.

1. Just little things like helping out around the house, paying the bills, cleaning the dishes, doing things for the people you love.
2. Making a kind gesture to someone on the street. Making an unconditional compliment to a friend on family member. Basically making someone else feel good for a change without expecting anything in return.
3. Doing a job well that you love within a company or system that adds value to the customer. “

There are more but you get the idea.

He goes on to say that Peace (eternal love for all) is the highest level of vibrational energy you can have. I find that to be so true for me.
A while back I wrote about Peace vs Happiness. Now I know why I always chose PEACE.

Virtual Lifes


The word Virtual is defined as being such in power, force, or effect, though not actually or expressly.

Today I read an opinion by Miami Herald writer Fred Grimm. He was talking about Virtual Schools. Of the top four classes in Miami Dade virtual school you have Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Personal fitness and Fitness lifestyle design. “ Do five push-ups. Click here when done.” Really? Drivers Ed is another popular on-line class. Imagine our young learning how to drive on a computer. Does anyone not see the problem with this?

You see the only people who think this is a good idea are the vendors to these virtual classes. Of course they are not responsible if the kid goes out and kills himself or someone else.

This year the Tampa Bay Times looked into the Florida Virtual School whose business has grown to 166 million a year operation most of that coming from state funds. This leads some to believe that virtual education has more to do with financial then educational reform.

The real scary part is that last week Miami Dade School Board rejected four proposals for totally online charter schools. And the four rejected proposals can appeal to the Florida Department of Education. Imagine a Virtual School, what’s next Virtual Girlfriend, Virtual Marriages and virtual Kids. For does who can not have kids. I would like to be virtually adopted by a wealth couple. I will virtual be here for you whenever you email me and I promise to be a good virtual child.

I am not against learning with the help of a computer . As a matter of fact this year I am using online tutorials to enhance my classes. I also think we could safe educational funds by using e-books instead of expensive

We need to use more common sense in the classes we offer online and the whole concept of Virtual schools lacks creditability.
I have taken online courses from Oxford that does not make me a Rhodes scholar. PEACE