Cluttered Garage.

Cluttered Garage
January 1, 2012

I have decided to take the 365 challenge that wordpress has suggested. . I will blog for the next 365 days about what I have learned each day. You see I consider myself a lifelong learner. It could be anything and about any subject, as long as something is learned. So lets get started.

Today I started to clean out the garage with my wife. It is important to remove things in our lives in order for something new to come in. As I clear away the clutter on the outside the inside seems to be more at peace. I hate to throw things away. But that is exactly what I needed to do.

Jeff Campbell in his book “CLUTTER CONTROL” wrote “The root word of clutter is Middle English clot- a lump. Just as a blood clod stops the flow of vitality in the body, so household clutter blocks the proper flow of a home.”

One of the consequences of having a cluttered garage is every time you arrive home your first impression is a negative one.

Where to start? It does not matter, as long as you start. Every big job can be broken down into small easy steps the idea is to get started and get a pace going. I turned on some music and got into the groove. I find that music really helps keep you upbeat.

We almost finished it, however I have a small area to do tomorrow. The tool room.

My wife found four easels she uses for paintings and we decided to give one to a neighbor’s son who is also into painting. My neighbor said you have made his Christmas. He was so excited that he had to show my wife all his paintings. Till tomorrow.


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