This is actually a continuation of yesterday’s blog. I had to finish cleaning the clutter in my garage. I mentioned how music made the job easier. Well today I listened to NPR talk all day. And the thing I learned was from one of the programs about sound and how since everyone is going back to work tomorrow how music can aid you in doing your job.

They mentioned how of all the senses sound is the first one we experience. We develop this sense in the womb. Pretty cool right? Well I started thinking about what music I like to have on while I am working. It would have to be the Blues. There are so many variations of the blues that it could be used for any occasion. From Jump Blues to Delta it all gets me in a good mood.

I took my Ipod to school and played some Blues between classes and found myself in a better energy for the following class. I’m going to try this tomorrow and see if it will help
going back to work. Will let you know.


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