Rockstar Lifestyle


Scott Rothstein ran the largest Ponzi scheme to hit Ft. Lauderdale by creating a “Rock star Lifestyle” for himself and his investors. These are smart people who got pulled in by the glitz and glamour of the fast life. I read somewhere that if it looks to good to be true it probably isn’t. His persona was flashy and loud, and this caused people to fall all over themselves to give him their money. In today’s Herald the list of people involved is amazing. Smart people, rich people, government officials and police officers, the list goes on with the people he screwed. What were these people thinking? Perhaps they were not thinking just impressed by the greed and ego of one man. How can people be so STUPID? They all deserve what they get. Rothstein got 50 years in jail and it looks like he wants some company. Because he os singing like a canary.
You live your life, you try and provide for yourself and your family then you hear about some idiot who tries to screw everyone. They are no better then the crooks who break into houses while you are away at work. I do believe in Karma, so I try and do the next right thing.


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