Just Listen


Have you noticed the best way to get out of your head is to help someone else? I think it has to do with the law of Giving. The more we give of ourselves the more we get back.
I got a call from a friend who was a little down tonight so we met for coffee. After talking for over an hour he felt better and so did I. Sometime just talking it out is the best medicine and sometimes all you have to do is listen. The universe wants us to feel good about ourselves and in these hard financial times it can be difficult. Just remember you are not alone and finding someone to just listen to you will do wonders. To me the idea is to do the next right thing, whether I feel like it or not. Peace.


One thought on “Just Listen

  1. I’m with you Louis. I have a M-F daily reminder on my blackberry. At the office where, because of corporate and government actions, it’s very difficult to keep focused on the good we hope to accomplish. Between politics and finance, the push this way and that makes a good end almost impossible to achieve. As I arrive at the office, my blackberry reminder pops us accompanied by a pleasant tune … “Do the next right thing.” 🙂

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