Follow your Passion


I went on a field trip with my rowdy juniors today. We went and viewed a dress rehearsal of “West Side Story” performed by alumni of YOUNG ARTIST program. Check them out at These are talented kids in the Performing arts. I was hoping to motivate some of my students. After the performance they had a question and answer period. One of the performers talked about how you have to follow your passion. When the world tries to put you in a hole, you have to stay true to your soul. Only then do you have a chance at happiness. Pretty nice comming from a 19 year old.

Tonight I thought I would just chill and watched “Wild Hogs”, it was pretty cute however the theme about 4 guys losing their dream and rediscovering their true passion was kind of nice. They basically said if you couldn’t fight for your dignity then stay home.

I am in a little funk tonight so I will just say Peace Out. Let me hear from you it helps to know someone is out there. Plus your comments will be appreciated. Remeber the glass is half full.


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