A Friend Indeed


This week I was thinking about how we are in charge of our lives by deciding what to place our attention on.
I ended up the week in a funk and not one to stay in one to long I decided to use the tools that I have been expounding. Namely talking to someone.
Every Saturday I meet with a friend and we discuss our week and the coming week. Just a coffee, a bagel and our thoughts is all that is required. It beats paying hundreds of dollars for a shrunk.
Everyone should have someone to bounce ideas, feelings and thoughts off of. I am not talking about your spouse that is a different thing. We are too vested in the outcome of that relationship. What you need is a third party who is not going to pull punches and tells you what they hear, not what you want them to hear.
A good person for this is a person who is a great listener, good at reading people and understands reading between the lines. Someone you can be honest with and feel they will not judge you. I am grateful to have that in my life. I hope you do too. Peace.


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