Stay focused.


In my business focus is measured as the distance between the lens and the object.
As log as these two elements remain the same distance everything will stay in focus.

When we talk about staying focued on our goals, we usually mean to keep our eyes on the task in front of us. . How often to we start something and get distracted? One of my major character defects is I am so easily distracted. This blog is helping me to become more disciplined by keeping me focused on one goal to write everyday. So far it’s working. If I lose focus all of you will know. SO I have put myself out there.

Looking back most of my failures have been due to my inability to stay focused to the job at hand. Though I consider myself a closer, I have to admit I sometimes change courses. This year I am trying to stay focused on a number of goals. I am going to put myself out there again and let you in on them. 1. Finish the 365 Project 2. Write a Basic Video E-Book for beginners. 3. Start a Video for the Internet Business. Keep checking in this year and see how I am doing. Your comments will help me stay focused. So thanks in advance.

By the way I learned how to put one of my pictures on this blog. (Miami Skyline) More pictures to come. Peace.


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