Virtual Lifes


The word Virtual is defined as being such in power, force, or effect, though not actually or expressly.

Today I read an opinion by Miami Herald writer Fred Grimm. He was talking about Virtual Schools. Of the top four classes in Miami Dade virtual school you have Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Personal fitness and Fitness lifestyle design. “ Do five push-ups. Click here when done.” Really? Drivers Ed is another popular on-line class. Imagine our young learning how to drive on a computer. Does anyone not see the problem with this?

You see the only people who think this is a good idea are the vendors to these virtual classes. Of course they are not responsible if the kid goes out and kills himself or someone else.

This year the Tampa Bay Times looked into the Florida Virtual School whose business has grown to 166 million a year operation most of that coming from state funds. This leads some to believe that virtual education has more to do with financial then educational reform.

The real scary part is that last week Miami Dade School Board rejected four proposals for totally online charter schools. And the four rejected proposals can appeal to the Florida Department of Education. Imagine a Virtual School, what’s next Virtual Girlfriend, Virtual Marriages and virtual Kids. For does who can not have kids. I would like to be virtually adopted by a wealth couple. I will virtual be here for you whenever you email me and I promise to be a good virtual child.

I am not against learning with the help of a computer . As a matter of fact this year I am using online tutorials to enhance my classes. I also think we could safe educational funds by using e-books instead of expensive

We need to use more common sense in the classes we offer online and the whole concept of Virtual schools lacks creditability.
I have taken online courses from Oxford that does not make me a Rhodes scholar. PEACE


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