Universal Banking


I follow on the Internet amAYA Niraj Naik. His website is http://www.amAyaSounds.com. I first became aware of this fine person while searching for meditation music. Which by the way he has some great stuff. Check him out.

Today I downloaded his e-book about “The Universal Bank of Spirit Consciousness” . Very enlightening. Here are some outtakes I thought you might enjoy and if you do please go to his site. I am not affiliated in any way with him and do not receive compensation in any way. He writes:

“What you do with the energy you receive is very important.

If you use that energy you are rewarded with to further add more value to the universe, then your account balance will skyrocket.

There is a simple formula for adding value

Identify Problems + Find Solutions to Fix Them = Value.

Spiritually this can be identified by working on raising the vibrational energy of a person or system from low energy (emotions such as apathy, fear, anger) to higher energy (emotions such as courage, acceptance and peace.)

Here are a few way he suggest to increase energy and add more value.

1. Just little things like helping out around the house, paying the bills, cleaning the dishes, doing things for the people you love.
2. Making a kind gesture to someone on the street. Making an unconditional compliment to a friend on family member. Basically making someone else feel good for a change without expecting anything in return.
3. Doing a job well that you love within a company or system that adds value to the customer. “

There are more but you get the idea.

He goes on to say that Peace (eternal love for all) is the highest level of vibrational energy you can have. I find that to be so true for me.
A while back I wrote about Peace vs Happiness. Now I know why I always chose PEACE.


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