Friend vs Family


For the last two days, every time I go to blog I get interrupted. Today was no exception. However I am determined to do this.

Today I would like to discuss choosing between being there for a friend or being there for a family member. I fine myself in this dilemma tonight. Go to a friends birthday dinner for a few close friend or to a sisters 50th birthday party with lots of friends.

When making a decision like this you need to ask yourself first “What do I want to do?” The answer is both. However they are going to be going on at the same time. So pick one.
Not so easy right. Well here is my solution that I hope will work.

First my options:
1. Go to one but not the other
2. Go to neither and stay home.
3. Go to both.

Well I have decided to try and make both.
Appetizers at the friend’s dinner then head down and celebrate with my sister.
I know this seems pretty petty, it did drive me crazy for a short while though.
Sometimes the simplest solution is really the best. And most of the time the biggest problems are one of perception.



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