Illusion of Control


Often it takes something major to wake us up as we struggle to maintain an illusion of control.

This statement is so basic to what we have been blogging about it these past two months, even yesterday’s blog about enlightenment. We seek something that is already ours except we do not see it in ourselves. Many speak of waking up to our true Self. We even call this awakening. But it is all an illusion.
It often takes a shift in our lives to help us perceive who we really are.
Are we seeking spirituality or are we just trying to make sense of the senseless?
The illusion of who we are, is so strong it as been engrained into our psyche since birth. It is when we allow our self’s to lower the veil that we truly know who we are. After all being does not take any effort.
Someone close to me once asked me: ”Why do you keep searching and what are you searching for? My answer was Peace.
Now I realize that peace is not found put allowed to exist. Peace is everywhere. It is the Self that does nothing that finds the greatest peace.
Not to get religious but it was Jesus who spoke of peace being everywhere,
Buddha spoke of misery not being our true Self. I content that they are both speaking of the same thing.
I am no longer so much a seeker as a disciple of peace. You see I have found the peace I was looking for. I now accept that all there is , is how it should be. No one has power over my feelings, reactions or thoughts but myself. And for that I am grateful. That is how I feel today. Who knows about tomorrow? PEACE


Dr. Hawkins


According to bestselling author Dr. David Hawkins, overthinking stagnates our spiritual growth. To strive for enlightenment is a trap that keeps you from experiencing your true, authentic self. Only by unloading your mind can you reach Divine Realization.

I have been busy studying for my Photoshop Certification from Adobe so I have not kept up with my blog. I thought about it a few times however I was just too tired to do it.

Dr. Hawkins has been one of my favorite authors on this spiritual path that I am on. His books and tapes have opened up a whole new world for me. One of the things I would like to do is to attend one of his workshops. I understand that he may not be presenting to many anymore. Our lost.

His teachings to me opened up a whole new way of discovering my true self. It was he who first presented me with the germ of an idea that, (We are not human beings trying to find spirituality, we are spirits trying to learn to live in our human bodies.) which grew within me.

If you have never heard of this fine man seek him out. Read one of his books. Listen to one of his tapes. He is on You Tube. His concept of measuring consciousness is truly amazing. It made sense to me. The energy that is inherent in all things has a power. Dr. Hawkins’s calls it either force or power. Check him out.


I am responsible.


“I am responsible for what I see. I choose the feelings I experience, and I decide upon the goal I would achieve. And everything that seems to happen to me I ask for, and receive as I have asked.” A Course in Miracles.

This is one of those tenets in the Course that must be learned. It is difficult sometimes to understand that we get what we are suppose to get but after a while you realize that it is true. When ever I have been dealt a blow in my life, it seems I always bounce back stronger and better then before. At the time, I feel that my world is falling apart but after I walk through it I realize that I am better off for going through it.

What is happening to our economy right now is a great example of what I mean. I have no doubt that after we finish this slump we will all be better off because of it. Not that we feel that way now. I know for myself I have had to look at what is really important in my live. The House. The cars, the Restaurants, The clothes all of these really do not define me. My house is bigger then I need, I have more cars then I need, I go out to dinner more then I need to, and I have so much clothes that I probably do not need to purchase anything for the next thee years. That is what this down economy has taught me. I want to sell my cars. I want to downsize my home and I want to start cooking again.

All of these material things do not make you happier, so why have them? Living in this material world can be a challenge. Everywhere you look someone is trying to sell you something. I went to a mall today, my wife had to exchange something. The number of people shopping in the mall struck me. It looked like Christmas or something. Going to the mall has become an outing for families. Something to do on a Sunday afternoon , which is Crazy. It was a beautiful sunny day in Miami and people are rushing to the mall. Help.


No problem


“There is no such thing as a problem without a solution, _only problems for which we do not yet have enough information to know what the solution is. When you have enough information, it is easy to solve a problem.”
— Jose Silva: was a American parapsychologist and author_

This is one of life’s lessons that can come in handy. If you remember that there is always a solution and that there are on problems, you have a better chance of completing the task at hand.

You can either choose to live in the problem or be in the solution. We always have a chose. Staying in the solution means knowing that the answer is there you just need a little more time or information to find it. This attitude will help you find it faster.

One way that I have been practicing is asking for help from my angels. I know what your thinking but it works for me. You see we all have angels or guides or something that if we practice communicating with them we can get results. I call them my angels.

I once videotaped an interview with Doreen Virtue for a show I was doing and she was excited about the guides that surround me. She said “You really should start listening to them. About ten years later another person told me the same thing and explained how to acquire that skill. I practiced it and today I communicate with my spirit guides on a daily bases. So you see every time a solution is needed, I just ask my guides and listen for the answer. The trick is to remember to be grateful for there help. That appreciate that.


The Happy Movie


“The constitution guarantees the pursuit of happiness.
Now all you have to do is go find it.” Benjamin Franklin

I just came in from viewing the documentary “The Happy Movie”.
It confirms everything I have been blogging about for the last month. Happiness is in centric. The film talked about the things that we could do to make ourselves happier. For example:
1. Be more compassionate to others
2. Meditate
3. Be grateful
4. Help others
5. Follow your Bliss (Passion)
6. Try and get in the Flow (Zone)

All of these are good advise for anyone contemplating his or her own happiness. Tomorrow Feb. 11 is World Happy Day. Check out their web site and join the celebration.

There was one section in the film were a Doctor talked about how we measure depression but just started measuring Happiness.

If you can make the movie today please go and support the film. Who knows perhaps you will leave the theater feeling healthier and happier.

It seem Happy is in right now.


“If you are patient enough to take pleasure in your existence’s unfolding, the journey from one pinnacle to the next will seem to take no time at all.”
The key word here is patience. I think patience comes with age and wisdom. The young seem to always be apprehensive about their existence while the older we get the less we care or the more it feels we know who we are.
Life is a journey to be sure, however we choose how to frame that journey into our own existences. If life is hard then perhaps that is what we need at the time to learn the lessons that need to be learned.
The older we get the less we need to learn. However we never stop learning or at least I hope we don’t.



The question of who we are is a seed that can bear much fruit if given the chance to unfold.

That is what this blog is really all about. Who am I. By taking the time to get to know myself, I get to know the world around me. Or is it that I see that I create the world around me.

In a “Course in Miracles”, we find that there is nothing out there only what we perceive. So by looking inward we free ourselves from the imagined world we think is out there. I know it’s tough to swallow at first.
What can I say? Either you are opened to it or your not.

Just to change the subject or to get back to an old blog. I noticed I have trouble blogging on weekends. I guess my weekends are to busy or to relaxing to think about blogging. I need to work on this.

I am still working on learning the guitar. A little at a time. I always need to acquire a skill quickly or I get distracted. So for this I am purposely taking it slow.

As I said at the beginning of this Project 365, I am learning new things and sticking with it. It’s those dam distractions. I noticed that this blog is all over the place and the reason is I have not meditated for a week. My mind really starts racing. I am going off to meditate NOW.