The Happy Movie


When external factors shift we have an opportunity to rediscover our core which is the only truly safe place to call home.

Today’s quote reminds us to try and stay centered to who we really are. Integrity, character and honesty are important when external forces seem to be attacking our happiness. I think at the root of our life we just want to be happy. To some that means being left alone. To others it could be to be surrounded by friends and family.

I saw a movie trailer the other night for a movie called “The Happy Movie”, and I can not wait to see it. Director Roko Belic’s film is a documentary taking us all over the world to find what make us happy. It explores the “secrets behind our most valued emotion.” The film goes on to ask are we in the midst of a happiness revolution. I think that we maybe. When I started this 365 project I had no idea where it was going to go. Now I realize that most of my blogging, which deals with my daily thoughts, are about my trying to stay happy.

If we are what we most think about then happiness is not such a bad thing. I see people post on facebook about how miserable things are, perhaps that is what they are thinking about most. You have a choice on what to focus your attention on.

Another film to be on the look out for is “IAM”. Check out both of these films on the internet. They will be BIG.

Till tomorrow PEACE


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