Potential of the Mind


“The greatest discovery you’ll ever make, _is the potential of your own mind.” Jose Silva.

Today’s quote comes from Jose Silva who was an American parapsychologist and author, creator of the Silva Mind Method.

The older I get the more I find this to be true. I started this journey inward a few years back and it has been a wonderful trip. Through meditation and prayer I have discovered an inner peace that I never knew existed. This week I have finally committed to learn to play the guitar. It was something I have wanted to do since my friend John L. left me his guitar when he passed. I never knew why he did that; I just knew I could not give it away. Even though I do not play. Never have. Well this week I decided to learn. Out of the blue. You see the discipline required to write this log every day has developed a sense of empowerment that I can do anything, if I stay with it long enough.

Earlier in the month I mentioned that if you work at something for 10 years, you could master it. Well 10 years from now I will master the guitar. One day at a time. All I have to do is practice today, Then again tomorrow. One goal I have set for myself is to participate in next year’s talent show. Stay tuned

I viewed the film “Waiting for Superman” with my students. They were so grateful they are in the great school that they are in. However, they do not understand why anyone would want to teach. Good question.
For me it was steady work that turned into full time work then something I really enjoy. Now 27 years later I just love it. Go figure.

Till tomorrow. Peace.


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