The Happy Movie


“The constitution guarantees the pursuit of happiness.
Now all you have to do is go find it.” Benjamin Franklin

I just came in from viewing the documentary “The Happy Movie”.
It confirms everything I have been blogging about for the last month. Happiness is in centric. The film talked about the things that we could do to make ourselves happier. For example:
1. Be more compassionate to others
2. Meditate
3. Be grateful
4. Help others
5. Follow your Bliss (Passion)
6. Try and get in the Flow (Zone)

All of these are good advise for anyone contemplating his or her own happiness. Tomorrow Feb. 11 is World Happy Day. Check out their web site and join the celebration.

There was one section in the film were a Doctor talked about how we measure depression but just started measuring Happiness.

If you can make the movie today please go and support the film. Who knows perhaps you will leave the theater feeling healthier and happier.

It seem Happy is in right now.


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