Illusion of Control


Often it takes something major to wake us up as we struggle to maintain an illusion of control.

This statement is so basic to what we have been blogging about it these past two months, even yesterday’s blog about enlightenment. We seek something that is already ours except we do not see it in ourselves. Many speak of waking up to our true Self. We even call this awakening. But it is all an illusion.
It often takes a shift in our lives to help us perceive who we really are.
Are we seeking spirituality or are we just trying to make sense of the senseless?
The illusion of who we are, is so strong it as been engrained into our psyche since birth. It is when we allow our self’s to lower the veil that we truly know who we are. After all being does not take any effort.
Someone close to me once asked me: ”Why do you keep searching and what are you searching for? My answer was Peace.
Now I realize that peace is not found put allowed to exist. Peace is everywhere. It is the Self that does nothing that finds the greatest peace.
Not to get religious but it was Jesus who spoke of peace being everywhere,
Buddha spoke of misery not being our true Self. I content that they are both speaking of the same thing.
I am no longer so much a seeker as a disciple of peace. You see I have found the peace I was looking for. I now accept that all there is , is how it should be. No one has power over my feelings, reactions or thoughts but myself. And for that I am grateful. That is how I feel today. Who knows about tomorrow? PEACE


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