Been Busy

God I do not believe it has been so long since I wrote in my blog. Let me catch you up.
I have been studying and passed both Adobe certifications for PHOTOSHOP and DREAMWEAVER. This was one of those goals I had set for my self. I spent the evenings going through tutorials on the web and it helped. My next goal is to write an e-book on video production. This will take a few months.
I have finally made some plans for this summer.
June 10 – June 17 Peaks Island, Maine to visit Helen and Everett P.
June 17 – June 21 New York to visit Steven R.
June 21- June 23 Newport News Va. to visit Lynne and Steve N.
June 23 – June 26 Raleigh N.C. to visit Chuck and Marsha
June 26- June 29 Clemson S.C. to visit Charlie and Monica
June 29 – July 1 Gainesville GA. to visit Lou and the Smedley’s
July 2- July 14 Ellijay, GA. Hanging out with Patricia
I will be flying up to Maine then taking a train back down to Ga.

Of course I will be blogging and taking pictures Stay tuned.
That’s it for today, Peace


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