Sweet Virginia

It,s Wednesday on week three. A heat wave hit the Suffolk area and my friends air died. It was 90 in the house. Fortunately they had two systems and the second one kept half the house cool.
I finally got a chance to visit Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. on Virginia Beach, saw the meditation room and garden. Very serene.
Saturday was spent preparing for the old gang from H.S. who were coming over for dinner at Steve & Lynne’s. It was a lot of fun remembering the old times in H.S.. We realized that the old photo club was in the house.
Sunday, brought me to Raliegh and a visit with Chuck &Family. Beautiful home and a very laid back time was had. The weather finally broke and it cooled down so we had perfect weather. I visited the museum of art and City Market.
I am currently in Greensboro N.C. Waiting for the midnight train to Georgia, literally. I think this trip so far has help me see how important staying in touch with friends and family can be. I will try to include some pictures on this blog. Peace.







Patchoque L.I.

I finally made it to my cousin Steven’s home in Patchoque Long Island. Now I know why they called it Long Island, god it took for ever once you leave the city. But it is worth it, what gorgeous country. Today my cousin Steven took me around the island up to the Hampton’s through Fire Island. The weather has been very kind to me, cool in the evenings and nice during the day.
I find it funny that after buying Long Island from the Indians they decided to call most of the towns after them. Kind of a reminder of the deal of the century.
When I arrived on Sunday we went over to Steven’s sons home next door for a Fathers Day-birthday party with Stevens in-laws. Great food and friendship with his Italian relatives. Next stop Virginia to stay with the Niece’s. Peace



Peaks Island to Boston

I have had a wonderful and laid back experience in Maine. Day three was spent shooting a short film for Tripfilms which I will edit when I get home. In the evening we ferried into town to listen to some folk music. The band were friends of Helen and Everett and they sounded great. A bunch of gentlemen jamming with banjos, guitars and stand up bass.
Day four was rainy and cold, I stayed in my PJs till 7 p.m. Had not done that in years.
Day five I walked the island and enjoyed the scenery, watched game two of the NBA finals and loved the win.
On day six we traveled to near by Freemount to see the LL Bean store. Spent five hours checking everything out. It is huge, with a lot of history. The whole town is like an outlet center. Bought a few shirts and ate a Maine blueberry sauce, On some wings that were to die for.
Day seven we traveled around on bikes and watched the weekenders coming in for several weddings. Ended the evening steaming some lobsters and riding ours bikes to try out the peppermint ice cream. The season on Peak begins. peace




Peaks Island day 2

Day two was real long. Some dam crows woke me at 6:a.m.. Took a long walk around some of the island then returned for coffee and oatmeal. Oatmeal is great when your on the road. Went into Portland and walked around downtown, not much to see. Ended up watching Men in Black 3. Dinner was clam chowder. Real good and full of clams. It was a long cold day but a nice change from Miami. Booked the train for the rest of my trip. A lot of early morning schedules. Will try and sleep in tomorrow. Peace.


Peaks island maine day 1

Arrived in Maine to a beautiful day. Took the ferry to the island and found Helen’s home. Everett,Helen and I went  on a picnic near the ocean. When we got back we took naps and prepared for the Tony awards. Their daughter Paloma won her first tony. Yea it was very exciting for everyone at the party. 

Getting Excited

Three more days till my trip begins. Fly to Maine then take a train back to Florida. 5 weeks and many old friends and family member along the way. I am reminded of the feeling I had when between my sophomore and junior year of college I hitched hiked from Jacksonville to San Diego. Many years have past since then. I hope to blog on this trip and include some pictures as I go along. I am taking both a still and video(small) camera. If I can figure out how to include them in my blog.

Hope to spent a lot of quiet time with myself, read Moby Dick and Leaves of Autumn by Walt Whitman. Feel free to follow along. Peace