Sweet Virginia

It,s Wednesday on week three. A heat wave hit the Suffolk area and my friends air died. It was 90 in the house. Fortunately they had two systems and the second one kept half the house cool.
I finally got a chance to visit Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. on Virginia Beach, saw the meditation room and garden. Very serene.
Saturday was spent preparing for the old gang from H.S. who were coming over for dinner at Steve & Lynne’s. It was a lot of fun remembering the old times in H.S.. We realized that the old photo club was in the house.
Sunday, brought me to Raliegh and a visit with Chuck &Family. Beautiful home and a very laid back time was had. The weather finally broke and it cooled down so we had perfect weather. I visited the museum of art and City Market.
I am currently in Greensboro N.C. Waiting for the midnight train to Georgia, literally. I think this trip so far has help me see how important staying in touch with friends and family can be. I will try to include some pictures on this blog. Peace.







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