Prayer II



The other misleading thought about prayer is that you have to be worthy in order for your prayer to be answered. As if there is a judge somewhere hearing your prayer and deciding you deserve to have your prayer answered. Have you sacrificed or offered enough tithing to have your prayers fufilled? It goes on to say that if your prayers are not answered you are not worthy. 

How can we even think or suggest that our Higher Power would behave in such a manner? That is childish believes that needs to change. 

Prayer to me is a part of a process in which you allow the universe to know your intent. Praying to know your higher powers intent for you is even more powerful. Communicating with the universe and manifesting your desires is as normal as  breathing.  You do not have to thing about breathing nor do you have to think about manifesting what is. We just have to accept what is and to rest just happens. Most of us have a relationship with prayer so we know it works. All I am saying is try and be more aware at what your praying for. PEACE


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