Meditation icture

Meditation Tour(Virginia Beach)

Why do people insist on sending out political information via facebook? Do they really thing that it will in anyway change my opinion on a person or issue. I find it to be insulting that anyone would sent me unverified false information and expect me to believe it is fact. If you are going to share something be sure you have your facts straight. Take the time to research it, is it bias information, does it really mean anything to you or are you forwarding someone else’s agenda. With the election coming up I have received numerous shares that have nothing to do with reality. Obama is an American citizen; he is not Muslim and is not trying to destroy America. He was elected by this country to represent America. As any other president, he is probably doing the best he can. Get real. If you are going to continue to send me lies and stupid assertions that offend my sensibility do not get upset if I call you on your stuff. Do not sent out anything if you do not except a response.

I consider myself a conservative Democrat or a liberal Republican depending on the issue. I believe this country has enough money to educate all our children for as long as they wish to stay in school. I also believe we should be able provide adequate health care to everyone. We have the means. As for Abortion my opinion does not count because I am not a woman. The American Dream has changed. It is not the same one I grew up with. I am over it. We need to try and get this country back together. As a whole there is nothing Americans cannot accomplish. Divide we will continue to flounder. I feel this country was founded on Consensus, Compromise and Compassion, but then again I could be wrong. PEACE


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