Peaks island maine day 1

Arrived in Maine to a beautiful day. Took the ferry to the island and found Helen’s home. Everett,Helen and I went  on a picnic near the ocean. When we got back we took naps and prepared for the Tony awards. Their daughter Paloma won her first tony. Yea it was very exciting for everyone at the party. 


Getting Excited

Three more days till my trip begins. Fly to Maine then take a train back to Florida. 5 weeks and many old friends and family member along the way. I am reminded of the feeling I had when between my sophomore and junior year of college I hitched hiked from Jacksonville to San Diego. Many years have past since then. I hope to blog on this trip and include some pictures as I go along. I am taking both a still and video(small) camera. If I can figure out how to include them in my blog.

Hope to spent a lot of quiet time with myself, read Moby Dick and Leaves of Autumn by Walt Whitman. Feel free to follow along. Peace


“The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Never fear what will become of you, depend on no one. Only the moment you reject all help are you freed.”

— Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta: the founder of Buddhism

Feedoom can be a double edged sword. If you reject all, you are left with nothing.

Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace
Imagine= J.Lennon

What does freedoom mean to you? I would like to know. To me it is allowing myself to be. Peace

Video Showcase

I havee been producing a video showcase of films submitted from high school students in Miami. With over 70 submission it has been a hand full. Last friday I had four industry people come in and judge the films. This friday will be the showcase. Over 20 Winners in 9 catagories. I am working on the show DVD as I write. Busy Busy Busy. Peace.

Been Busy

God I do not believe it has been so long since I wrote in my blog. Let me catch you up.
I have been studying and passed both Adobe certifications for PHOTOSHOP and DREAMWEAVER. This was one of those goals I had set for my self. I spent the evenings going through tutorials on the web and it helped. My next goal is to write an e-book on video production. This will take a few months.
I have finally made some plans for this summer.
June 10 – June 17 Peaks Island, Maine to visit Helen and Everett P.
June 17 – June 21 New York to visit Steven R.
June 21- June 23 Newport News Va. to visit Lynne and Steve N.
June 23 – June 26 Raleigh N.C. to visit Chuck and Marsha
June 26- June 29 Clemson S.C. to visit Charlie and Monica
June 29 – July 1 Gainesville GA. to visit Lou and the Smedley’s
July 2- July 14 Ellijay, GA. Hanging out with Patricia
I will be flying up to Maine then taking a train back down to Ga.

Of course I will be blogging and taking pictures Stay tuned.
That’s it for today, Peace

Illusion of Control


Often it takes something major to wake us up as we struggle to maintain an illusion of control.

This statement is so basic to what we have been blogging about it these past two months, even yesterday’s blog about enlightenment. We seek something that is already ours except we do not see it in ourselves. Many speak of waking up to our true Self. We even call this awakening. But it is all an illusion.
It often takes a shift in our lives to help us perceive who we really are.
Are we seeking spirituality or are we just trying to make sense of the senseless?
The illusion of who we are, is so strong it as been engrained into our psyche since birth. It is when we allow our self’s to lower the veil that we truly know who we are. After all being does not take any effort.
Someone close to me once asked me: ”Why do you keep searching and what are you searching for? My answer was Peace.
Now I realize that peace is not found put allowed to exist. Peace is everywhere. It is the Self that does nothing that finds the greatest peace.
Not to get religious but it was Jesus who spoke of peace being everywhere,
Buddha spoke of misery not being our true Self. I content that they are both speaking of the same thing.
I am no longer so much a seeker as a disciple of peace. You see I have found the peace I was looking for. I now accept that all there is , is how it should be. No one has power over my feelings, reactions or thoughts but myself. And for that I am grateful. That is how I feel today. Who knows about tomorrow? PEACE

Dr. Hawkins


According to bestselling author Dr. David Hawkins, overthinking stagnates our spiritual growth. To strive for enlightenment is a trap that keeps you from experiencing your true, authentic self. Only by unloading your mind can you reach Divine Realization.

I have been busy studying for my Photoshop Certification from Adobe so I have not kept up with my blog. I thought about it a few times however I was just too tired to do it.

Dr. Hawkins has been one of my favorite authors on this spiritual path that I am on. His books and tapes have opened up a whole new world for me. One of the things I would like to do is to attend one of his workshops. I understand that he may not be presenting to many anymore. Our lost.

His teachings to me opened up a whole new way of discovering my true self. It was he who first presented me with the germ of an idea that, (We are not human beings trying to find spirituality, we are spirits trying to learn to live in our human bodies.) which grew within me.

If you have never heard of this fine man seek him out. Read one of his books. Listen to one of his tapes. He is on You Tube. His concept of measuring consciousness is truly amazing. It made sense to me. The energy that is inherent in all things has a power. Dr. Hawkins’s calls it either force or power. Check him out.